Tomas will be available at limited stud to approved FIV and FELV tested girls. Tomas is a proven producer of Champions !!!

Tomas becomes a GRAND CHAMPION after winning his 3rd Grand CC at South West Counties Cat Club


*****  South West Counties Cat Club, 1st  GRAND CC, 1st OPEN, CC  and BEST OF BREED  under Judge Mrs S Bullock *****

*****  Wyvern Cat Club,  1st  GRAND CC  and BEST OF BREED   *****

*****  Balinese Cat Society Show,  1st  GRAND CC  and BEST OF BREED and BEST ADULT MALE IN SHOW under Judge Mrs J Starr *****


What a fantastic start to his show career.  Tomas makes CHAMPION in 3 consecutive shows !!!!

*****  West Country Cat Club,  1st  OPEN, CC  and BEST OF BREED under Judge Mrs H Dadd  *****

*****  Southern Counties Cat Club,  1st  OPEN, CC  under Judge Mrs Y Kleijn   *****

*****  Croydon Cat Club,  1st  OPEN, CC  and BEST OF BREED under Judge Mrs M Kalal  *****


Tomas is our new Blue Tabby Point Balinese imported from Sweden. We are over the moon with him and he will be an asset to our breeding program.

 Watch out for Tomas's kittens in the show hall later this year

Photos by Karen Holder

Photos by Karen Holder

We are very lucky to have Tomas from the Swedish A'Famosa cattery and are grateful to Louise Ferman for letting us bring him over.

Balinese Cat Society  -   28th May 2010

Ch S*A'Famosa Wahanassatta wins his 1st Grand CC and BOB Judge Mrs J Starr and goes into win BEST ADULT MALE IN SHOW

He also went onto win all his side classes

1st AC Male not bred by exhibitor under Judge Mrs J Reed
1st AC Junior Adult under Judge Mrs J Reed
1st 32 Equivalent Adult under  Judge Mrs D Harper 


Thank you to all the Judges who thought so highly of our boy, making a wonderful day for us with Tomas winning in all his classes

Balinese Show May 2011  -  Judge Brenda Pearce

AC Adult Male
BOB awarded to 聒Tǒ CH AፏSA WAHANASSATTA. (61at) 29.11.08. Blue Tabby Point. A big handsome lad. Shorter length strong broad wedge head with well set ears which need a little more size and flare to better balance the strength of his head. Profile almost straight, good firm chin, level bite. Slightly deep set eyes of good shape, bright vivid blue in colour. Very strong and muscular body and neckline with long strong legs. Tail needs a little extra length 篯d plume. Dark blue tabby markings are rather indistinct. Muted facial markings. Quite good leg bars and arm bands. Hint of tail rings. His coat is quite heavily shaded and the texture ideally needs to be silkier. A gentle giant in excellent condition and beautifully presented.

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