( Ch S* A'Famosa Wahanassatta X Hartridge Solitaire)


Minnie is our beautiful homebred Blue Tortie Balinese

1st CC at the National Cat Club show on 11 December 2010 Judge: Sheila Hamilton

2nd CC at the Southern Counties Cat Club show 29 January 2011 Judge: Jenny Jones

3rd CC at the National Cat Club show on 10 December 2011 Judge: Mary Kalal



First show - Blue point Siamese Cat Club 07/08/10
1st & BOB Open, 1st AC Balinese Kitten, 1st AC Breeders Kitten, 2nd AC Debutante Kitten
West of England & South Wales Cat Society
1st Open, 1st Club class and Visitor's Kitten


A/C Balinese kitten female. 1. HARTíS HARTRIDGE HIGGLEPIGGLE, 61g, Blue tortie point, 6m3wk. A stylish young lady with lots to commend, but a little nervous and not so easy to assess. Shortish wedge with slight pinch, acceptable bite, ears of very good size and set wide and expressive eyes of a pleasing dark blue. Elegant body limbs and tail which was a touch short. Silky coat of excellent quality and flow already, with points mingled with a dark blue and pale creams developing. It was a close thing for BOB with the dark blue making the difference, but with time she should do well.

 Liz Corps - judge




At The National Cat Show what a fantastic Result for our girl, winning 1st, CC and BEST OF BREED in her first Adult Show

photo courtesy of Paul Marshall

At Southern Counties Cat Show our girl, winning 1st, CC and BEST OF BREED.

This is her 2nd CC

Photo courtesy of Paul Marshall & Anna Shafto


AC Balinese Adult Female:
1 CC and BOB to HART HARTRIDGE HIGGLE PIGGLE 2.2.10. A pretty female with a sweet expression; firm lithe body, dainty legs and paws, tail balanced and plume-like; large ears of excellent set and flare, balanced even wedge head, straight profile, good chin and level bite; oriental eyes of vivid deep blue. Silky coat of  good length with attractive blue-cream markings on points and very good contrast; excellent condition and beautifully presented

M Kalal  -  Judge