(GR CH S*A'Famosa Whanassatta  x  Imp Gr Ch Loricha Mishka)



Bristol Cat Club show 2011

1st in Open Class and a 3rd and 4th in her side classes



Lacey's Critque's


 Croydon Cat Club 2011, Judge Perri Hutchison

 LORICHA ORGANZA 62 43s F (6.11.10) Litter sister to winner and another poppet. Nice top of head. Large wide based flared ears well set with nice tufts. Medium balanced wedge. Oriental shaped eyes are slanted towards her nose, expressive, set well apart, vivid green in colour. In profile tiny bump on nose, firm chin, level bite. Elegant neck. Long svelte body of good weight. Slender legs and oval paws. Her tail is of good shape, but does not balance, plume still developing. Her coat is kittenish and developing length, soft and silky and lying close to her body. Medium shaded to half hair shaft. Nice silver undercoat but has some agouti invasion to top hairs. Acceptable faint tabby markings present. Dear confident sweetie. Well presented.


London Cat Show 2011,  Judge Caris White


1ST 聒T̏RICHA ORGANZA 쯮ghair female
06/11/10 A very attractive and promising kitten. She has a long firm elegant body, good legs and paws, and a long tapered tail. Good wedge with large, well set ears which are wide at the bases and which give her a good alert expression. Good eyes for shape, set and expression. Straight profile and level bite, firm chin. Her coat is fine and silky and it already shows quite a good length along her body for her age, and on the plume of her tail. She has no tarnishing to spoil the silver under-colour 鴠is pale and contrasts well with the black shading and markings. Lovely temperament.



Chester and North Wales, August 2011. Judge Diana Harper

CC & BOB Mrs P Hart젌ORICHA ORGANZA, (62 43s). F, 6.11.10
. A very pretty young girl of good type, she has a medium sized wedge head, wide top and large well set ears, almost straight profile, firm chin and level bite, slightly rounded green eyes, strong firm body, long legs and oval tufted paws, long well plumed tail. Good length, soft, fine close lying, black silver shaded coat. A very sweet girl well presented in excellent condition.



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