(Ch Jowendys Dr Feelgood at Amazon   x   Hartridge Strom Force)


vWD Clear,   PHPV Clear,   Hip Score 5.5,  Excellent Temperament


Jorja has only lightly been shown in 2004 and 2005 and was out of the ring after she was mated to Ch Amazon Dark Angel JW.  Two of her progeny from this mating are currently being shown in Australia and one in the UK.  Jorja will be back out in the showring in 2006

Breed Mate 4 Generation Pedigree
Ch Jowendys Dr Feelgood for Amazon Ch Nearctic Nick The Biscuit Nearctic Big In Japan Ch Jowendys Kilowatt
Zarleon Heaven Scent
Jowendys Hooligan V Holtzburg Ch Holtzburg Mayhem
Ch Jowendys Into Jazz
Jowendys Strikes Again Dobermoray April Fool Bronco V D Kunigundenhohe At Heimdall
Ch Borain Carte Blanche Of Dobermoray
Ch Jowendys Wild Child Ch Jowendys Kilowatt
Jowendys Boogie Shoes
Hartridge Storm Force Ch Swnydwr Storm Bearer Ch Crossridge The Jazzman Dizown All That Jazz
Anna Of Crossridge
Stevelys Black Jezabel Ch Halsbands Helmsman
Ritlo Amazing Grace
Hartridge Tallulah Bronco V D Kunigundenhohe At Heimdall Du, Ger, Fr,au, Lux, Int Ch Baron Bryan V Harro's Berg
Ger Ch Alexa V Frankenland
Tarchans Chance Of Bliss at Hartridge Findjans Double Chance
Hartridge Me & My Girl at Tarchans