Hartridge Hullabaloo is an Oriental Shaded Boy






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. A beautifully grown boy of good type. Good-ish head, perhaps a little long in the nose for true balance, but top line is fairly good and the ears are large and well set. Oriental eye shape and set with hazel green colour. Good profile and chin with level bite, small teething pinch to muzzle at present. Long firm and weighty little body with whip tail to almost balance. Ticked-based shaded coat, somewhat heavy at present but it has plenty of time to lift. Super coat for length and texture that belies his breed number, he has a definite sleek topcoat, without the softness you expect to find in a SH variant. A friendly boy excellently presented.


 A well grown lad with a long slightly pinched wedge head which ideally needs a touch more width to better balance the length. Large well set ears. Tiny bump on nose, otherwise a good profile. Firm chin, level bite. Slightly full mid green eyes. Long well muscled body Ė loved his length and style - long legs and tail. Lovely coat - very short and sleek with black ticked based topcoat and silver under. Clear black tabby markings on his head, legs and tail. A little tarnishing evident on his paws at the moment. Presentation and temperament both excellent 


A well grown male with a long firm elegant body of good proportions, standing on long slim legs ending in neat oval paws. Tail is long and tapered and in good proportion to his body. Good wedge is held on a slender neck with pleasing triangular shape and large ears following the lines Ė they have wide bases and rounded tips. Pleasing green eyes slant towards a straight nose and are Oriental in shape. Level bite. Chin lines up. His coat could just be a fraction finer but it is short and lies very close to the body. There is good definition between the black surface shading and the silver under-colour which extends well up the hair shafts. He has some residual surface pattern on his extremities but there is no tarnishing evident
Youngster of good type with a lovely coat of super texture and very even shading. Medium wedge set with large ears that ideally could have a smidge more distance between. Oriental eyes of a clear green and good expression, almost straight profile and firm chin with level bite. Long strong masculine body filling out well as he is only a youngster. Long limbs with elegant spoon paws. Whip tail to balance. Fine textured coat slightly long as you would expect in a variant but of a super texture very close lying and shaded very evenly with a clean crisp white undercoat and light black shading on only the ends of the hair shaft. Minimal tarnishing on his lips and front legs. He has a sweet nature and lovely character well presented.

Judge Mrs D Brown


Judge Charis White


Judge John Hansonn