***** Maidestone & Medway 2009, 1st wins Balinese Kitten Female and BEST OF BREED Class under Judge Mr Morris  *****


***** Balinese Cat Club May 2011, CC under Judge Brenda Pearce  *****

***** Balinese & Siamese Cat Club July 2011, CC under Judge Janet Starr  *****

***** Kentish Cat Club October 2011, CC under Judge Diana Harper  *****


(photo by kind permission of Paul Marshall)


Maidstone  & Medway Show 2009

HT was bred by us and is now owned by Sue

His sire is Spindiamond Inbluejeans

His dam is our Hartridge Hunnibunni

Balinese Show May 2011  -  Judge Brenda Pearce

AC Adult Female
CC – PININGTON’S HARTRIDGE HOT DIAMONDLIL. (61e) 5.5.09. Seal Tortie Pointy. A dainty and attractive lady. Short wedge head with large well set ears – good open base. Slightly flat over her forehead but otherwise a good profile. Good chin and bite. Lovely eyes and expression – excellent depth of blue. Long well toned body with slender legs and a well plumed tail which needs a littler more length for perfect balance. Points beautifully broken with plenty of bright red breaks. Lovely blaze to her mask. Very good length to her beautifully silky lightly shaded coat. She was beautifully presented, her temperament delightful. It was border line type wise for the certificate but quality of coat and the lovely red in her tortie pattern persuaded me.

Hartridge Hot Diamond Lil gets made upto Champion at the Kentish Cat Club